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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meeting Minutes and Call for Presentations

Electronic versions of the presentations and the meeting minutes from the AICC September 2008 Louisville meetings are available online. See the AICC Louisville Meeting Minutes page for the minutes and a link to all of the available online presentations.

The next AICC meeting is scheduled for January 2009 in Mumbai. As an international organization, the AICC always encourages participation from across the globe.

For the January meeting, the AICC is particularly interested in ideas, topics and presentations from organizations in the Pan-Pacific and Indian Ocean areas.

Suggestions for discussion topics and presentation proposals should be sent to for review.

Though membership is encouraged, presenters do not need to be AICC members. Typically, meeting attendance fees are waived for guest presenters. As always, representatives from AICC Voting Members and Observer Members may attend meetings free of charge. Non-members are always welcome to attend any general session of the AICC and can chose to pay a nominal meeting fee instead of annual membership.

The meeting logistics and schedule for January are being confirmed by the meeting host. Details will be posted here in approximately two weeks.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Podcasts, Information, and Celebration

Podcasts — Two additional podcasts are available in the AICC Podcasts series. Improved links to the podcasts are now included in the sidebar of the AICC News blog page. The latest podcasts feature Ed Cohen of Plateau, and current AICC Chairman, Neil Cramer, of Northwest Airlines.

There were some great tidbits of information exchanged at the AICC Meeting in Louisville. Below are some of the items people contributed or found interesting.

Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky, 2008 – Excellent book on the “Power of Organizing Without Organizations,” that addresses social networks, social capital, and distributed coordination/organization of labor.

X-Plane – Excellent flight simulator available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Currently $39 USD it soon goes back up to $59 USD.

X-Plane for iPhone – As demonstrated by Kris Rockwell during the Mobile Technologies presentation. X-Plane flight simulator that runs on iPhone, pitch and roll controlled by tilting and accelerometers.

Xobni – Email organizer, search, analytics and productivity tool for individuals. Plugin for Microsoft Outlook that calculates average response times, threads conversations and more.

DeviceAnywhere – Test any mobile device on any mobile network with their hosted hardware and software solution. Great for mobile application development and deployment testing.

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker – Array microphone that tracks / "tunes in" to the current speaker in a conference room. Recommended by a distance education technologist from University of Louisville.

Captionate – Captionate is a Windows application that embeds data into FLV (Flash Video) files. Excellent tool for captioning, closing captioning and using cue points with streaming media.

Celebration — Social networking is even better when celebrating. AICC participants shared ideas, memory and delicious cake during the 20th Anniversary Celebration. Happy Birthday AICC.

Special thanks to our wonderful hosts, UPS Airlines who handled all the meeting arrangements and provided a fantastic tour of the UPS Worldport facility. The AICC especially appreciated the arrangements made by Ray Butler of UPS for a special package:

Meeting minutes from Louisville will be posted shortly and announced here. Attendees will also receive a meeting roster of fellow participants. The January 2009 meeting is being planned for Mumbai, India. More information on that upcoming meeting will be posted in late October.

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