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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrate at WATS as the AICC turns 20

The World Aviation Training Conference & Tradeshow (WATS) runs April 22-24, 2008 in Orlando, Florida, USA. At the WATS event, AICC members Ray Butler (UPS) and Mike Sharp (Honeywell) will lead a breakout session to describe and discuss recent activities and major milestone achievements in celebration the 20th anniversary of the AICC.

Many AICC members are sponsors and/or exhibitors at WATS and will feature the Proud to be AICC logo to help us celebrate.

Please look for AICC members and WATS sponsors Airbus, Alteon Training, Boeing and Honeywell International at WATS. Also visit other AICC members in the exhibit hall, including: domiKnow Learning Systems, Hurix Systems, Pelesys Learning Systems, VTN Technologies, and others.

If your organization is an AICC Member that will be in the exhibit hall and you have not received an AICC placard, please send an email to , or see an AICC representative at the event.


Monday, April 14, 2008

AICC on Facebook and LinkedIn

The AICC has created groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to facilitate social networking amongst AICC members and anyone interested in cost-efficient, instructionally-effective technology-based training. Please consider joining the group “AICC- Aviation Industry CBT Committee” if you are already a member of Facebook or LinkedIn, or consider signing up with either free system to connect to others sharing interest in AICC.

As always, the AICC site and Forums will be available for communication to members and the general community.

UPDATE: After receiving feedback we've added direct links to join these groups.

  • Join AICC on Facebook  login to Facebook before following link
  • Join AICC on LinkedIn  will prompt you to login or join


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Airbus Hosts AICC June 16-19, 2008 in Hamburg

It is time to start making your arrangements for the next AICC meeting to be held June 16-19, 2008 in Hamburg, Germany and hosted by Airbus. Details to help you make your travel plans are available from the draft agenda on the AICC Meeting Information page.

Lodging- Airbus has provided a list of hotels close to the Airbus Training Center, close to the meeting venue (closest is about 200 meters) and in downtown Hamburg (a 30-40 minute drive). Because some of the hotels are well booked into June, please review the hotel list and send your registration soon as possible.

Registration- Please confirm your plan to attend the meeting by email. The meeting is being held at the Airbus facility and policy requires all attendees to also provide their name and passport number.

Click here to register or send email to and with your name, company name and the required passport number.

Meeting Fees- Meeting fees are waived for all AICC members in good standing. Non-members of AICC (who are not giving a presentation) will be charged $100 to attend the meeting. For membership information visit the AICC Membership page.


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