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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moscow Meetings Wrapping Up

With many successful work sessions and presentations already completed, the AICC Meetings in Moscow will soon be wrapping up.

In addition to the meeting work, participants were able to enjoy comradarie, beautiful weather, local sights and cuisine.

Meeting minutes and additional information will be posted at the AICC Meeting information area no later than July 5, 2006.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Questionmark Achieves 4th Certification

Official congratulations to Questionmark for the fourth consecutive certification of their Perception product. This long running string of certifications and renewals demonstrates the commitment of Questionmark to open standards and the international elearning community. It also highlights their dedication to vendor interoperability and streamlining system integrations. The full press release is available online here.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

AGR-010 Certification: Questionmark Perception

Questionmark Computing Ltd. received AICC certification to AGR-010 for for Questionmark Perception Version 4.1.1 on 12-June-2006. The Test Lab Report and the Certification Statement are now available online.


PENS Validation Suite Updates - Testers Needed

The AICC PENS validation suite has been updated to validate PENS commands sent via either HTTP GET or HTTP POST methods. The updated PHP code will also verify that the package-url can be accessed, and issue an email receipt (or alerts) if a mailto: address is specified in the appropriate data element.

Those interested is testing the new PHP server code to validate PENS client commands should contact Note that the HTML test harness has not been updated at this time, the update available for testing only impacts the PHP code used to validate inbound PENS commands.

For more information on PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services) see AICC AGR-011 for an overview or AICC CMI-010 for the full specification. Both documents are available from the AICC Publications downloads page,

There is also an independent web site for the PENS community, found at: that has a variety of information about PENS and PENS implementations.


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