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Thursday, January 31, 2008

AICC forms Committee on Authorware Concerns

The AICC will be working jointly with Adobe to consolidate concerns, priorities, solutions and information relating to sustaining and migrating Authorware content. The committee will establish community teleconferences and web-based workspaces for the developer, consumer and vendor communities to collaborate.

An initial teleconference will be held in February 2008, and a notice will be placed here on the AICC News Blog and on other elearning community sites.

Please indicate your interesting in participating by contacting the AICC Committee on Authorware Concerns via the email link provided. Initial committee meetings will be open to both AICC members and non-members.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

AICC PENS AGR-011 Available in French

To further facilitate international adoption, the AICC Package Exchange Notification Services (PENS) AGR document has been translated to French. AICC Guidelines and Recommendations (AGRs) represent the official voice of the AICC with respect to a designated area. All AGRs, including AGR-011 for PENS, have been formally voted upon and approved by the general voting membership of the AICC.

The AICC expresses special thanks to Marc Van Coillie of EIfEL, and Bernard Bouyt and Jean-Louis Bravo of Airbus for their gracious volunteer efforts to translate this document. The PENS AGR summarizes the protocol and provides a rationale for advocating its use. Availability of this document "en francais" will help the shared efforts of the AICC and the European Institute for E-Learning to support interoperability demonstrations at iLearning Forum 2008 in Paris.

Now available from the AICC Publications page: AGR011 - CBT Package Exchange Notification en français [PDF, 168K].

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Agenda Complete for January 2008 Meetings

The agenda is complete for the AICC meetings January 28, 2008 - February 1, 2008 in San Jose, California. The most current meeting agenda and logistic information is available from the AICC Meeting Information page at It looks to be a great meeting with compelling content, and a follow-on Content Packaging workshop held in conjunction with ADL and LETSI.

Featured topics and speakers for the main AICC meeting include:

  • Airline Information
    • Pilot Qualification into Special Airports, OJ Tredway (American Airlines)
    • Managing e-Learning for Aviation Training with ATMS, Scott Carson (AQT)
  • Authorware End-of-Development Discussions
    • Adobe Authorware Review, Ellen Wagner (Adobe)
    • Moderated Open Discussion (all)
    • Authorware Conversion, Robby Robertson (Eduworks)
    • Best Practice for Conversion, Abhijit Navale (Hurix Learning)
  • Product News & Information
    • Adobe Acrobat 3D, Rak Bhalla (Adobe)
    • Microsoft ESP, Scott Andersen (Microsoft)
    • Adobe Connect, Peter Ryce (Adobe)
    • Adobe Flex and AIR, Danny Dura (Adobe)
    • FlockPod, Janhavi Padture (Harbinger)
    • Oracle, Jonathan Vinoskey (Oracle)
    • SumTotal Training, Bill Docherty (SumTotal)
    • Humentum, Ken Spero (Humentum)
    • Xyleme, Mark Hellinger (Xyleme)
    • NetDimensions, t.b.d. (NetDimensions)
  • Subcommittee Updates and Work Sessions
    • Management and Processes, Bruce Perrin (Boeing)
    • CMI / Independent Test Lab, Bill McDonald (Alteon Training)
    • Metadata, Bill Shook (Boeing), Jack Hyde (AICC)
    • LETSI & LETSI Technical Workgroup, Tyde Richards (Eduworks)
    • Communications, Tom King (Masie Consortium)
    • Airline Industry Affairs, Ray Butler (UPS)
    • Chairman's Report, Neil Cramer (NWA)
  • Other Sessions
    • Managing & Managing Tech Docs & Training Materials, Maria McGinn / Daniel Lemieux (EEDO)
    • State-Engine-Driven Instructional Interactions, David Castillo (CTC)

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