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Saturday, May 17, 2008

AICC Survey on Training Evaluation and Technology Trends

In its continuing quest to keep its “finger on the pulse” of the aviation training community, the AICC announces a new survey on Training Evaluation and Technology Trends.

So, what is your position on learning from a virtual experience as opposed to a physical one? Can someone learn to maintain an aircraft in a virtual world, or is “getting your hands dirty” a necessary part of the learning process? Or, how do you feel about the claim that the younger generation “learns differently” than the baby boomers? These are two of the issues on which the AICC seeks your feedback and opinion.

Of course, one source of information on questions such as these is findings from training research. So, part of our survey addresses the training evaluation processes and approaches that you use, as well as the technologies and interventions you have studied.

With only 11 questions, this survey is one you can probably complete over your coffee break. But if you try to complete it by getting consensus from a group of your training experts, it may take quite a bit longer!

As always, the AICC appreciates your help in this survey on training evaluation approaches and technology trends and issues. Group summary results will be available on the AICC website in the near future.

Take the survey:


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Updated Agenda: AICC June 16-19, 2008 in Hamburg

An updated draft agenda is now available from the AICC Meeting Information page. Please remember to make your travel and registration arrangements-- hotels are filling up. The AICC meetings will be hosted by Airbus on June 16-19, 2008 in Hamburg, Germany at the Airbus Training Center.

NOTE: There is a possibility that meetings will be extended through Friday noon in order to accommodate additional work sessions and discussion. We are working hard to confirm that and hope to resolve that issue in the next 10 days.

Lodging- See the agenda on the meeting information page. Airbus has provided a list of hotels close to the Airbus Training Center, close to the meeting venue (closest is about 200 meters) and in downtown Hamburg (a 30-40 minute drive).

Registration- Please confirm your plan to attend the meeting by email. The meeting is being held at the Airbus facility and policy requires all attendees to also provide their name and passport number.

Click here to register or send email to and with your name, company name and the required passport number.

Meeting Fees- Meeting fees are waived for all AICC members in good standing. Non-members of AICC (who are not giving a presentation) will be charged $150 to attend the meeting. For membership information visit the AICC Membership page.

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