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Monday, April 20, 2009

Meeting Announcement and Call for Presentations

The AICC is meeting in Orlando, FL USA on June 16-18, 2009. Meeting logistics and registration information is available from the AICC Meeting Information page.

AICC meetings are open to all interested parties. Representatives of member organizations in good standing (i.e., have paid their annual membership dues), meeting speakers, and airlines, will not be charged for participation. AICC voting members, observer members, and invited guest speakers will not be charged a fee. Non-members will need to pay a $150 USD fee as part of the registration process.

Call for Presentations
The AICC welcomes presentations on aviation training case studies and success stories, lessons learned, emerging technologies, and emerging needs for training and training systems. Past presenters have included representatives from airlines, aviation, research organizations, regulatory agencies, technology, software and service suppliers.

Interested parties should submit a presentation title, brief description, speaker title, and speaker contact information by sending an email to: presentations [AT]

Presentation proposals may be submitted immediately and are due no later than May 18, 2009. Presentation slots are limited. Presentations will be evaluated as they arrive, with presentations from airlines receiving top priority.

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