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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PENS Plugfest News

The AICC will host a PENS Interoperability Plugfest on September 19-20, 2006 in conjunction with the AICC Meetings being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Meeting information).

The PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services) Plugfest allows customers and vendors of elearning tools and systems for authoring, assessment, and management to demonstrate and assess effective integrations leveraging PENS.

PENS plugfest begins with an open interoperability lab session that allows vendors to verify their PENS implementations with each other, and with the validation systems available from the AICC. Customers can interact with vendors to better understand the value added by individual vendors via their implementation of PENS as client and/or server.

The second day of the PENS Plugfest includes presentations from customers, vendors and the PENS Project team. The goal is to provide information for anyone interested in seeing and understanding the workflow, integration and automation capabilities enabled through PENS.

Those wishing to participate as a system vendor for demonstrations and/or presentations should contact Tom King, AICC Communication Chairperson at for additional information.

Interested observers are welcome to attend the PENS Plugfest or AICC general meetings, subject to standard visitor meeting fees. The AICC encourages interested parties to consider joining as using the AICC online membership application.

UPDATE August 8, 2006: AICC PEN Plugfest Press Release issued. Includes quotes from AICC, ADL, Eedo, and HarvestRoad representatives. Also contains list of confirmed participants at time of PR, including Adobe, Eedo, HarvestRoad, Plateau, and Questionmark.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Updated agenda for the AICC meeting in Vancouver, BC Canada September 18-22 Available

An updated agenda for the AICC meeting in Vancouver, BC Canada September 18th - 22nd, 2006 is now available online- See Agenda (MS Word, ~115 KB). Note: Please contact the AICC Technical Coordinator, Anne Montgomery, to request a presentation slot or agenda change.


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