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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

AICC Announces Offline CMI Specification CMI-013

The AICC released a specification that enables learning management system (LMS) vendors to easily integrate with local (offline) LMS players, resulting in a more flexible learning environment for mobile learners. It also allows elearning vendors to use the format for other communication methods. The specification is available as a royalty-free AICC publication from the web site.

Referred to as XML for CMI Communications (CMI-013), the new specification allows the person taking the course to download online course materials and review the online course completely disconnected from the Internet while being tracked by a local version of an LMS. Similar solutions exist but are proprietary. CMI-013 will allow LMSs to integrate with third-party offline players in a standard way - greatly expanding interoperability. Offline CMI will be an open, data model agnostic, architecture that will work with the AICC/CMI data model, SCORM/IEEE data model, and others as they become available.

Read the Full Press Release


Friday, March 23, 2007

Preliminary agenda for the AICC meeting in Sestri Levante, Italy (June 4th-8th, 2007) now Available

A draft agenda for the AICC meeting in Sestri Levante, Italy June 4th-8th is now available online - See Agenda (MS Word, ~143 KB).Note: This agenda is preliminary and subject to change. There are still presentation slots open. Please contact the AICC Technical Coordinator, Anne Montgomery, to request a presentation slot or agenda change.


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