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27-Oct-2009 Second Life and Aviation Training Innovations at AICC October Meeting press-release-43
09-Oct-2007 AICC and ADL Announce Plans for Collaboration press-release-42
28-Mar-2007 AICC Announces Offline CMI Specification press-release-41
06-Sept-2006 AICC Certifies Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management 9.0 press-release-40
08-Aug-2006 AICC PENS Plugfest Scheduled for September 19-20, 2006 press-release-39
27-June-2006 AICC Certifies Questionmark™ Perception™ Version 4 press-release-38
05-July-2005 AICC Approves PENS Specification to Streamline Publishing of Elearning press-release-37
20-May-2004 SkillSoft Is First e-Learning Content Developer to Achieve Both SCORM and AICC Certification press-release-36
15-Dec-2003 AICC Certifies Questionmark™ Perception™ Version 3.4 press-release-35
18-Aug-2003 AICC Certifies WBT Systems' TopClass press-release-34
18-Jul-2003 AICC Certifies Plateau 4 Learning Management System press-release-33
23-Jul-2002 AICC Certifies Learnet press-release-32
15-Mar-2002 AICC Certifies CentraOne 5.3 press-release-31
18-Dec-2001 AICC Certifies Questionmark™ Perception™ Version 3.1 press-release-30
27-Nov-2001 AICC Certifies PureSafety Courseware press-release-29
19-Nov-2001 wizBank is China’s first AICC certified e-learning platform press-release-28
05-Nov-2001 AICC Certifies Kallidus™ 6 Learning Management System press-release-27
09-Oct-2001 AICC Certifies QuicKnowledge Courseware press-release-26
07-Sept-2001 AICC Re-certifies WBT Manager press-release-25
04-Sept-2001 Tests Affirm Interoperability of MHLL Courseware press-release-24
27-Aug-2001 AICC Certified EPISE Course press-release-26
28-Aug-2001 AICC Certifies Macromedia Authorware 6 press-release-23
20-Aug-2001 AICC Grants First Re-certification to Pathlore Learning Management System press-release-22
06-Aug-2001 AICC Certifies Technomedia Training press-release-21
02-Aug-2001 AICC Certifies Pathlore Learning Management System press-release-20
04-Jun-2001 AICC Certifies Plateau Enterprise press-release-19
01-Jun-2001 AICC Certifies Training Partner 2000 by GeoMetrix press-release-18
02-Mar-2001 AICC Certifies Pinnacle Learining Manager press-release-17
21-Feb-2001 AICC Certifies TopClass press-release-16
14-Feb-2001 AICC Certifies THINQ press-release-15
25-Jan-2001 AICC Certifies Trivantis' Lectora Publisher press-release-14
11-Jan-2001 AICC Certifies TEDS press-release-13
21-Nov-2000 AICC Certifies Skillsoft's Critical Business Skills Courseware press-release-12
02-Aug-2000 AICC Certifies Solstra press-release-11
24-May-2000 AICC Certifies CLIX press-release-10
02-May-2000 AICC Certifies Saba press-release-09
13-Apr-2000 AICC Certifies IntraLearn press-release-08
04-Feb-2000 AICC Certifies Docent Enterprise press-release-07
13-Dec-1999 AICC Certifies Perception press-release-06
09-Sep-1999 AICC Certifies WBT Manager press-release-05
21-May-1999 AICC Certifies Pathlore’s Phoenix Networks press-release-04
24-Sept-1998 AICC Certifies First Insructional Management Product press-release-03
24-Sept-1998 AICC Establishes Compliance Program for Aviation CBT Products press-release-02
09-Feb-1998 AICC Announces the Extension of the AICC Standard to Include Management and Tracking on Courseware Content Over the Internet press-release-01
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