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Sugar City, Idaho USA - November 21st, 2000

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AICC Certifies Skillsoft Courseware

AICC Certifies SkillSoft Critical Business Skills Courseware

Sugar City, Idaho USA – November 21, 2000 – The Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) announced today that ten of SkillSoft’s critical business skills courses have been certified as compliant with the AICC guidelines for Web-based computer managed instructional (CMI) systems. SkillSoft is the first e-Learning content provider to achieve certification. The AICC/CMI guidelines allow SkillSoft’s interactive online courses to communicate performance data to any AICC-compliant learning management system.

SkillSoft submitted ten of its 385 business skills courses for the certification process. All ten courses passed, without errors, a comprehensive, published set of testing criteria for with AICC standards-based content. An independent, third-party testing laboratory conducted the certification test, the results of which can be viewed by visiting the AICC web site at

"SkillSoft made the commitment to the certification process because we believe formal AICC certification is critical to the establishment of standards for the e-Learning industry," said Chuck Moran, CEO and president of SkillSoft. "Since all SkillSoft courses are built to identical specifications, our customers can be assured that SkillSoft content conforms to AICC specifications and will be compatible with other AICC-certified products."

"SkillSoft’s certification marks a very significant milestone for the AICC," said William A. McDonald, chairman of the AICC Independent Test Lab Committee. "SkillSoft is the first major e-Learning content vendor to become AICC-certified. I expect other 'big-name' content providers will follow SkillSoft’s lead."

About SkillSoft

With more than one million user seats, SkillSoft is one of the largest providers of e-Learning solutions for Global 2000 companies. SkillSoft courses cover a broad variety of critical professional and business skills; courses and support services are specifically designed to reap the benefits offered by the Internet and Web-based customer environments. This design enables SkillSoft users to access needed material, with the required specificity or breadth -- any time and from any location with access to the Internet. Customers receive comprehensive learning and performance support solutions for their workforce, comprised of a library of more than 385 courses and more than 5,000 learning objects and 1,000 job aids. The library encompasses a wide array of business skills, such as management, leadership, communication, project management and customer service, as well as business subjects such as e-business, finance, marketing, sales, and strategy. Additional information about SkillSoft is available by calling (603) 324-3000 or visiting

About the AICC
The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines and standards that result in the effective implementation of CBT and WBT. The AICC has long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology. More information is available on the organization’s web site at

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