AICC/CMI Test Suite

The AICC has developed an automated testing program for verifying conformance with the following CMI-related AGR's (AICC Guidelines & Recommendations):

  • AGR-006 COMPUTER MANAGED INSTRUCTION (Guidelines for File-based CMI Systems and CBT Courseware)
  • AGR-010 WEB-BASED COMPUTER MANAGED INSTRUCTION (Guidelines for Web-based CMI Systems and CBT Courseware)

This program is freely available to any person or organization provided that they complete and sign the license agreement in Appendix-B in either of the following AICC documents:

These document(s) also contain the user guide for installation and operation of the AICC/CMI Test Suite.


Getting the AICC/CMI Test Suite

Instructions for obtaining the AICC/CMI Test Suite are as follows:

  1. Complete the online license agreement (for the AICC/CMI Test Suite)
  2. An e-mail will be sent to you with a username and password.
  3. With the proper username/password you may download the AICC/CMI Test Suite at the link below:


AICC/CMI Test Suite SPR's (Software Problem Reports)

This area is also password protected (same password as used above for downloading the test suite). It contains software problem reports (SPR's) on the test suite. SPR's are used to formally report and track test suite bugs. SPR's are often resolved in new releases of the test suite.