AICC Press Release #25

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC Re-certifies WBT Manager

Integrity eLearning’s WBT Manager is the first web-based product to re-certify with AICC.

The this week re-certified Integrity eLearning’s acclaimed LMS, WBT Manager as compliant with AGR010 (The AICC Guideline for Web Based Computer Managed Computer Managed Instruction Systems) making WBT Manager the first LMS to be re-certified to this AICC guideline.

By meeting the re-certification criteria, Integrity eLearning has demonstrated that their lead in the field of open standards interoperability continues. All certified products have to be re-tested by an independent body every two years to ensure their compliance.

Said Dave Fallon , Co-Founder & CEO of Integrity eLearning "Two short years ago we launched & certified WBT Manager. We were the world’s first vendor to achieve this certification and now we’ve shown that WBT Manager is still developed and maintained to the highest interoperability standards. The open standards initiative started by the AICC has grown extensively these past two years and we are now helping hundreds of end users and content developers to develop and deliver the very best in eLearning"

William A. McDonald , Chairman of the AICC Independent Test Lab Committee commented " Integrity eLearning were the first to build and certify their LMS product to the web-based AICC/CMI guidelines and have been a visionary leader within their market place. To gain re-certification shows true consistency in the implementation of and commitment to AICC guidelines."

About the AICC

The AICC’s mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines, and standards that result in the cost effective implementation of CBT and WBT. They have set the standards of interoperable learning technology. Their web site can be seen at

About Integrity eLearning

Integrity is a privately owned, self funded eLearning specialist Company. They were the first to develop web based training for the Middleware Industry and the first to develop a CMI/LMS to achieve web certification.

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