AICC Press Release #36

Sugar City, Idaho USA

SkillSoft Is First e-Learning Content Developer
to Achieve Both SCORM and AICC Certification 

Certified Support for SCORM Standards Facilitates Integration of SkillSoft’s Courseware with Standards-Conformant, Third-Party Learning Management Systems

Sugar City Idaho – The announced today that SkillSoft PLC (Nasdaq: SKIL), a leading provider of enterprise e-learning, has re-certified a representative business skills course, SkillSimulation, IT skills (classic and e3) course, and Test Prep to conform with the AICC’s AGR-006 (Web-based CMI guidelines for interoperability).

The same SkillSoft courses also achieved SCORM version 1.2 certification, administered by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative.   Both certification tests were conducted at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Keyport.  NUWC is one of two approved AICC certification testing centers and the only testing center approved for both AICC and SCORM certification testing.   

SCORM, the Sharable Content Object Reference Model, was initiated as a way to facilitate the integration and interoperability of web-based learning content, LMSs, and other technology components.  Major portions of the model were derived from existing AICC specifications and have evolved with technology changes and lessons learned.  The AICC is an association of technology-based training professionals that has long promoted interoperability standards across multiple industries. 

“Since most customer learning implementations today incorporate products from multiple vendors, it’s critical that vendors actively support standards that will allow organizations to integrate ‘best-of-breed’ content and software solutions from multiple sources,” said Lee Ritze, senior vice president of marketing and corporate business development for SkillSoft.  “Being the first e-learning content provider to achieve SCORM and AICC certification emphasizes our overall commitment to supporting all major standards initiatives.”

SkillSoft’s achievement in becoming certified for both AICC and SCORM guidelines is a significant accomplishment in terms of elearning standards,” said Virginia Mesenbrink, manager of the ADL Certification Test Center at NUWC Keyport.  "We expect other content providers will follow SkillSoft’s lead to demonstrate a commitment to industry standards."

“SkillSoft shares SumTotal’s longstanding commitment to the advocacy and adoption of standards such as SCORM,” said Kevin Oakes, president of SumTotal Systems.  “Many of our mutual enterprise customers continue to demand better return on their learning investment, including trackable content with a lengthy shelf-life and learning assets that can be used in any environment, across disparate technologies.  This need has driven our efforts to provide solutions with deep integration for standards-based content and other technical functionalities.”

"As an original charter member of our Content Alliance program dating back, SkillSoft and Saba have always maintained a close eye on standards and working together to confirm standards based interoperability," stated Grant Ricketts, vice president of business development for Saba. "This latest SCORM certification represents another milestone in the long track record of success we share with many joint customers."

SkillSoft’s AICC certification is posted at: AICC Certification Statement.

 About SkillSoft

SkillSoft is a leading provider of comprehensive e-learning content and technology products for business and IT professionals within the Global. SkillSoft’s multi-modal learning solutions support and enhance the speed and effectiveness of both formal and informal learning processes and integrate SkillSoft's in-depth courseware, learning management platform technology and support services.

Content offerings include SkillSoft’s Business Skills Library and IT Skills and Certification Library; ITPro, BusinessPro, FinancePro, and OfficeEssential Referenceware collections by Books24x7; and health and safety compliance courseware by GoTrain.