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The AICC is coordinating activities with the technology-based training organizations listed below.

Visit the AICC News Aggregator for recent news from many of these organizations.

Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative - (

The ADL an initiative started by the U.S. Department of Defense and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Its goals are to accelerate standardization within the online-learning industry in order to promote more cost effective training for the government/military and the national work force.

  • ADL and AICC collaborate directly on initiatives such as CSA.
  • ADL and AICC also coordinatie efforts through LETSI and the IEEE/ LTSC (Learning Technology Standards Committee)

European Institute for E-Learning - (

EIfEL is an independent, not-for-profit European professional association whose mission is to support organisations, communities and individuals in building a knowledge economy and a learning society through innovative and reflective practice, continuing professional development and the use of knowledge, information and learning technologies.

  • EIfEL and AICC collaborate directly on promoting interoperability in events such as interoperability plugfests.
  • EIfEL and AICC also coordinate efforts through LETSI and the IEEE LTSC (Learning Technology Standards Committee)

IEEE P1484 - Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) - (

This IEEE standards group is developing technical Standards, Guidelines, and Recommended Practices for the area of Computer-Based Learning, with the goal of enabling tools, courseware, information, and services to be developed, acquired, and utilized on a component basis.

  • The AICC has formally submitted the AICC/CMI Guidelines for Interoperability (CMI001) to the IEEE/LTSC (Learning Technology Standards Committee) and is actively pursuing its adoption as an IEEE standard (P1494.11)
  • The AICC has a representative on LTSC advisory committee.
  • The AICC plans to adopt IEEE LOM (learning Object Metadata) or content packaging specifications where practical in future releases of CMI001 (AICC/CMI Guidelines for Interoperability) and/or related specifications
IMS Global Consortium - (

The IMS is open consortium of industry and education members who are developing a framework for distributed computer-based learning. IMS spcifications include metadata for cataloging and retrieval and an object model for dynamic communication.

  • IMS and AICC coordinate efforts through the IEEE/ LTSC (Learning Technology Standards Committee)

LETSI is an international federation devoted to Learning, Education, and Training System Interoparability. LETSI will ultimately assume responsibiility for the evolution of SCORM specifications.

  • The AICC is a charter participant active in the establishment of LETSI.
ISO/IEC JCT1 SC36 - Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training - (

SC36 is a ISO committee that develops International Standards in information technology in the areas of Learning, Education, and Training.

  • The AICC has established a formal liason with ISO/IEC JCT1 SC36.
NUWCK (U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center – at Keyport, Washington)
  • NUWCK is an AICC-authorized independent test lab (ITL).
  • NUWCK is authorized to conduct AICC certification testing for Military, Government, and Commercial organizations
UNM/COE-OLIT (University of New Mexico, College of Education - Organizational Learning and Instruction Technology) Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • UNM/ COE-OLIT is an AICC-authorized independent test lab (ITL).
  • UNM/ COE-OLIT is authorized to conduct AICC certification testing for Commercial organizations.
Learning Technology Standards Observatory (LTSO)

The LTSO is a clearinghouse for information on training and standardization.  It was developed in 2003 by a project team appointed by the CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies It is currently supported by the European SchoolNet ( and CEDEFOP ( So far, the LTSO is composed of categories with nearly 500 pages of information about LT standardization. Recently, more than 100 news items and 140 events about this area were published at the web site.

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