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We are the Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC). If you are interested in guidelines for aviation industry computer based training then you are definitely in the right place!

BUT. . . did you find the "right" AICC?? Are you absolutely SURE!!?!?!

In case you are not, we have composed a list of "other" AICC's to help you in your quest for the AICC that best meet your needs.

(Please note that the following organizations have absolutely nothing to do with "this" AICC or aviation training.)

Organization Name & URL Description
Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC)

A committee composed of representatives of CSAA, SIA and major alarm companies.
Advanced Illness Coordinated Care (AICC) A term for a model of health care (see links below for detailed explanations)

National Advanced Illness Coordinated Care:

Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care:

AICC (Administration, Informatique, Comptabilit�, Communication)  
AICC stands for Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control  
ALASKA INTERAGENCY COORDINATION CENTER (AICC) Jointly staffed and managed by Forestry and AFS, the Center coordinating the mobilization of personnel and resources to fires statewide. Duplication of separate facilities for state and federal suppression agencies is avoided and fast,
efficient response is provided.
All India Congress Committee (AICC) The AICC is the secondary decision-making body of the Indian National Congress.
The American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (AICC)

Promoting Business and Understanding Between The United States and Indonesia: Southeast Asia's Largest Market
Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC)


Associazione Italiana di Colture Cellulari (AICC) Italian Branch of the European Tissue Culture Society ETCS
Association of Independent Corrugated Converters' (AICC)

Australian International Correspondence Club International men and women for correspondence, love, friendship, romance and relationships.
Australia~Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC)

The Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce is a national non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting bilateral trade, investment, and relations between Australia and Israel
AiCC data security gmbh

Computer Security/Anti-Virus Specialists

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