Products Designed to AICC Guidelines

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Products Desgined To AICC Guidelines

The products listed below are vendor participants in the AICC Compliance logo program whose products are self-checked (by the vendor) for compliance with the AICC's AGR's (AICC Guidelines and Reccommendations).

AICC Disclaimer

The products listed below are NOT independently tested or checked by any 3rd party (unlike AICC Product Certification). The product's vendor has signed a logo agreement stating that was designed it to the AGR's listed below. This logo is not proof of a product's robustness or or an indication of that product's quality. Before purchasing any training product, please take to care to thoroughly review it for defects and verify that your required functionality is present. Even if it is using the AICC logo.

Products Participating in the "Designed to AICC Guidelines" Logo Program

Company Product(s) AGR's Designed To Logo Expires Point of Contact
SKM seaprende ODP/ LMS ver 8.0 AGR-010_V1.0 11-Feb-2011

Max Grekin
Phone: +56-2-754-99-00

FAX: +56-2-754-99-04

Conformance Statements:

[AGR-010] ODP / LMS 8.0

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