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Appendix F- AICC Certification for AGR-010

Certification Statement

The AICC hereby certifies that the product(s) (listed below):

Vendor: Airbus

Product Name: AIRBUS LMS

Product Version: Version 2.7.1

comply with the minimum requirements specified in the following AICC Documents:

AGR-010 (Version 1.0)

CMI001 – AICC CMI Guidelines for Interoperability, (Version 2.2.)

The compliance with the above documents was verified by testing the product using the procedures defined in the following AICC document:

CMI008 – AICC/Web-Based CMI Certification Testing Procedures (Version 1.5)

These tests were conducted in an independent test lab (ITL) designated and authorized by the AICC.

Disclaimer Statement

The AICC documents (listed above) only specify data formatting and the manner of passing data between CMI Systems and CBT Courseware. The only product features being tested/certified are the ones described in CMI008 (Version 1.5).


  1. The products are free from all other defects.
  2. The products' behavior will be consistent across all other AICC Certified CMI or CBT courseware products.
  3. The products will interoperate with other products certified compliant with different versions of the above documents.
  4. The products will interoperate with any other products claiming to comply with AICC guidelines


Scott Bergstrom,

AICC Administrator

Date of Certificate Issuance: 06-March-2008

Certification Expiration: 06-March-2010

(Two years from the date of issuance)

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