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The AICC is organized by subcommittee. Each subcommittee has a specific charter defining its duties. The AICC subcommittees are currently as follows:

CMI (Computer Managed Instruction) Subcommittee

Chairperson : William A. McDonald - Boeing Commercial Airplanes (Alteon)

Phone Fax E-mail
+1.206.662.0232 +1.206.662.7586

Charter :

The AICC should create guidelines to enable interoperability of CBT and CMI system from different vendors. These guidelines would also enable different CMI analysis tools to be used with the same CBT lesson outputs.

Communication Subcommittee

Chairperson: Tom King Open as of November 1, 2009

Phone Fax E-mail
+1-253-218-1408 NA

Charter :

The charter of the AICC Communications Subcommittee is to facilitate communications within the AICC and with external organizations. Specifically, the Communications Subcommittee will:

  • Develop standard formats for reports.
  • Develop and maintain a briefing that can be given to other organizations to explain the purpose, charter, and accomplishments of the AICC.
  • Inform the aviation industry of AICC activities by submitting articles to the aviation industry press.
  • Coordinate AICC activities with other aviation industry groups including the ATA, IATA, and AIA.
  • Coordinate AICC activities with standards-making groups affected by the AICC guidelines such as the ADL, IEEE, IMS, ISO and other international bodies.
  • Coordinate AICC activities with rule-making bodies including the FAA and JAA.
  • Use and promote web-based systems (blog, forum) to facilitate internal and external communication.

Management and Processes Subcommittee

Chairperson: Bruce Perrin- Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

Phone Fax E-mail
+1-314-234-6287 +1-314-232-1901

Charter :

Provide recommendations and guidelines to the Computer-based Training community that identifies the attributes of "Good CBT" processes and product.

Objectives :

  • Re-establish the Basics: ISD Model
  • Establish a High Level CBT Development Process Template
  • Establish Metric Recommendations
  • Establish Quality Standard Recommendations
  • Set Recommendations for ADL/SCORM use in CBT projects

Digital Electronic Library System (DELS) Subcommittee

Chairperson: Benard Bouyt- Airbus Industrie

Phone Fax E-mail
-NA- -NA-

Charter :

This subcommittee was formed to help the airlines transition into the new world of digital data and on-line information. Integrating CBT with an airline's digital information is a challenge this group is attempting to meet.

The following items are covered :

  • structuration of courses
  • identification, classification of learning objects
  • metadata associated to learning objects
  • configuration management of learning objects
  • access to the information
  • menus and routers


A first objective is to collect information about the above subjects and to add it to a white paper. A second objective is to issue an AGR about the metadata in the aviation industry.

Independent Test Lab Subcommittee

Chairperson : William A. McDonald - Boeing Commercial Airplanes (Alteon)

Phone Fax E-mail
+1.206.662.0232 +1.206.662.7586

Charter :

The Independent Test Lab subcommittee administers the work of the AICC-authorized Independent Testing Labs. These labs are contracted with by the AICC to conduct conformance testing as an independent 3rd party.

The duties of this subcommittee are as follows:

  • Select test lab locations.
  • Set objectives for the test lab(s).
  • Establish test conformance test procedures for selected AICC AGR's (AICC Guidelines & Recommendations).
  • Administer AICC certification and compliance logo programs
  • Prioritize and schedule tests with the test lab locations.
  • Publish test results
  • Write summaries of the formal test reports..

Objective :

  • Provide an objective means to verify conformance to AICC guidelines whenever possible.

Training Infrastructure Subcommittee

Chairperson : Ed Cohen - Plateau Systems

Phone Fax E-mail
(703) 292-0200 -NA-

Charter :

The charter of the Training Infrastructure Subcommittee is to:

  • Maintain a balanced recommendation on the use of different windowing and operating systems (including networks) for courseware delivery.
  • Provide for future migration and portability across evolving systems.
  • Promote and maintain guidelines for courseware delivery stations which support various forms of courseware and delivery environments.
  • Develop, promote and maintain guidelines for standardized CBT practices such as learner navigation and industry standards such as phase of flight nomenclature.


The rate of change of computer technology is unabated. The Training Infrastructure Subcommittee will review existing AICC AGRs and Technical Papers for currency and prepare amendments to keep pace with changing technology baselines for formal approval and publication by the AICC general committee.

This subcommittee will continue to seek ways of prolonging the life of CBT, currently by consideration of data and logic export for use in emerging systems.

To achieve these objectives, the Training Infrastructure Subcommittee will work in association with the Training Technology Subcommittee and other subcommittees as appropriate in the furtherance of the overall goals of the AICC.

Training Technologies Subcommittee

Chairperson : Jean-Louis Bravo - Airbus Industrie

Phone Fax E-mail
-NA- -NA-

Charter :

The charter of the AICC Training Technology Subcommittee is to promote the new information technologies for aviation training in close cooperation within other subcommittees:

  • Provide a comprehensive view of new and different technologies available for aviation training.
  • Demonstrate applications of new (and existing) technologies as they would apply to aviation training.
  • Provide visibility as to when new technologies will be available and practical.
  • Develop technical reccomendations for the use of new training technologies.
  • Make our members aware of the long life span of their legacy data provide advice for "smooth" data migration as new training technologies are introduced..
  • Coordinate new training technology discussions with other organizations including the ATA104, TICC, IEEE/LTSC.


  • Start working group in order to launch the writing of a white paper.
  • Maintain a technology survey on emerging technologies

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