Dear Learning Technology Community,

Our journey is at an end.

Due to declining membership, the AICC membership has decided to dissolve the AICC.

We are very proud of the AICC’s pioneering work in learning technology interoperability specifications.

It is quite a legacy that is still strongly influencing how most of us learn online today.  

The current CMI-5 effort (which we have great hopes for) will be transferred to the ADL and the work will continue with many of the same individuals. 

(Please see this link for CMI-5)

The AICC document archive will be also transferred over to the ADL to ensure continued public access as many of these documents are still widely in use.  

(Please see this link for the AICC document archive)

The hard work of creating learning technology standards and best practices is largely an unpaid “community service”, provided by dedicated (volunteer) professionals with a desire to make our industry a better place. 

For everyone who has participated in the AICC over the last 26 years, we would like to extend very warm thanks and appreciation for all of your efforts. 


Warm Regards,

The AICC Executive Committee